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Betty Boop Cross-Dimensional Chaos is a Betty Boop Crossover Video Game.


Betty was walking and singing a song until a wicked witch named Jilleen Nefairous Magara the Witch casts a portal spell in her way & Betty fell in the portal into a different dimension.


  • The Town of Betty Boop
  • Green Hill Zone (Sonic the Hedgehog's Dimension)
  • Sweethaven (Popeye the Sailorman's Dimension)
  • Warren, Ohio (Corey Stuart Mclean's Dimension)
  • The Jungle Dimension
  • Merpeople Dimension
  • The Ultimate Badlands (Zira Boop's Dimension)
  • Miku City (Hatsune Miku's Dimension)
  • The Swamp Dimension
  • The Mountain of the Old man of the Mountain
  • The Studio of Sally Swing
  • The Castle of Jilleen Nefairous Magara the Witch (Final Level)