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Corey Stuart Mclean, Rick, Morty & Craig of the Creek Vs the Forces of Evil is a Crossover Movie.


Rick made a gun that leads him go to different Dimensions. Rick and his grandson, Morty, go to the Craig Of The Creek dimension. Craig is surprised about a old man and a teen boy came in the creek out of nowhere.


  • Justin Roiland - Morty Smith/Rick Sanchez/Morty Smith (Adult in Dimension X-103)
  • Corey Stuart Mclean - Himself
  • Philip Solomon - Craig Williams/Craig Williams (Late Teen/Young Adult in Dimension X-103)
  • Eden Sher - Star Butterfly
  • Spencer Grammer- Summer Smith
  • Adam McArthur- Marco Diaz/Marco Diaz (Adult in Dimension X-103)
  • Noël Wells - Kelsey Pokoly/Kelsey Pokoly (Adult in Dimension X-103)
  • H. Michael Croner - John Paul Mercer
  • Phil LaMarr - Bernard Williams
  • Giana Urse - Herself
  • David Urse - Himself
  • Gunnar Sizemore- Jason
  • Rider Strong - Thomas Draconius Lucitor
  • Keith David - Glossaryck
  • Fred Tatasciore - Yvgeny "Buff Frog" Bulgolyubov
  • Ben Levin - Tony Mozafari
  • Matt Burnett- Boris
  • Grey Griffin - Jackie Lynn Thomas/Moon Butterfly
  • Dana Davis - Kelly
  • Alan Tudyk - River Butterfly/Ludo
  • Wilbur Zaldivar - Junk Lord
  • Zeno Robinson - Omar the Green Poncho
  • Jenny Slate - Pony Head
  • Sydney Mikayla - Maya
  • Charles Dewayne - King Xavier
  • Esmé Bianco - Eclipsa Butterfly
  • Jaime Camil - Globgor
  • Atticus Shaffer - Dennis
  • Kari Wahlgren - Meteora Butterfly (Infant)
  • Bryana Salaz - Meteora Butterfly (Teen in Dimesnion X-103)
  • Isabella Gomez - Mariposa Diaz (Teen in Dimension X-103)
  • Zosia Mamet - Hekapoo
  • Dana Davis - Ginella (Creek Kid Form)/Kit
  • Kathleen Barr - Ginella (Adult Monster-Alien Hybrid Form)
  • SungWon Cho - Keun Sup
  • Zehra Fazal - Aggie
  • Carl Weathers - Omnitraxus Prime
  • Michael C. Hall - Toffee
  • Kevin Michael Richardson - Rhombulus
  • Natasha Rothwell - Brunzetta
  • Jess Harnell - Scary Terry
  • Dan Harmon - Birdperson
  • Lucius Needfu - Mr. Lucius Needful
  • Lucia Cunningham - Jessica Williams


Rick and Morty go to Craig of the Creek Dimension[]

Rick,Morty, Craig, Kelsey & JP Meet Ginella[]

  • (Unknown Kid Appeared)
  • Unknown Kid: Hello, I'm Ginella. I know that I saw Rick & Morty doing a Protection on you Three.
  • Rick Sanchez: (Gasp) How to you know us?
  • Ginella: By Memeory, So, you Three have a Name?
  • Craig: Williams: I'm Craig, this is Kelsey & J.P.
  • (Mortimer Chrip)
  • Craig Williams: Plus Mortimer.
  • Ginella: Nice to meet you all.
  • Morty Smith: Oh my Gosh, I Don't know what to sure about Ginella. May I Greet her nicely?
  • Rick Sanchez: Yes, you Should Morty.
  • Morty Smith: Hi, Please to Meet You Ginella, Although Sometime I Get Nervous with Rick's Journey and Stuff.
  • Ginella: That's ok, I don't see how you feel even your nervous about the galactic areas.