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Jurassic World: Gods And Monsters Is A 2018 American/Japanese Science Fiction/Thiller/Action/Kaiju Series. It Is A Crossover Between The Jurassic Park Franchise, And The Godzilla Series.


In 1954, Godzilla Attacked Japan, Leaving It To A Fiery And Hellish Ruin. In 1993, John Hammond's Jurassic Park, Not Yet Open, Had Fallen, In 2018, Isla Nublar Was Destroyed By Mt. Sibo, And The Dinosaurs Are Now In Our World. Owen, Claire, And Maisie Live As A Family Now, But When They Are Vowed By Agents Part Of A Secret Organization Known As Monarch To Join Them, They Stumble Upon Godzilla, The King Of The Monsters! As Well As The Dinosaurs Including Blue. Many Terrifying, And Long Adventures May Await In This Crossover Series.


• Chris Pratt As Owen Grady

• Bryce Dallas Howard As Claire Dearing

• Isabella Sermon As Maisie Lockwood

• Haruka Ayase As Miki Sagusa

• Sam Neil As Alan Grant

• Laura Dern As Ellie Sattler

• Jeff Goldblum As Ian Malcolm

• Don Frye As Caption Douglas Gordon

Dinosaurs And Kaiju[]


• Velociraptor (Blue)

• Tyrannosaurus Rex (Rexy)

• Triceratops

• Apatosaurus

• Indominus Rex

• Indoraptor

• Stegosaurus

• Brachiosaurus

• Allosaurus

• Carnotaurus

• Pachycephalosaurus

• Stygimoloch

• Compsognathus

• Sinoceratops

• Nasutoceratops

• Spinosaurus

• Baryonyx

• Dilophosaurus

• Mosasaurus

• Pteranodon

• Dimorphodon

• Parasaurolophus



• Mothra

• King Ghidorah

• Rodan

• King Kong


• Behemoth

• Mechagodzilla

• Skull Crawler

• Methuselah

• Scylla

• Death Runner 

• Gorosaurus

• Megaguirus

• Biollante

• Manda

• Kumonga

• Gigan