Mario is a basic character who can just stomp and run.

Stats Edit

  • Speed: 5/10
  • Attack: N/A
  • Jump: 5/10

Costumes Edit

  • Builder Mario
  • Fire Mario
  • American Mario
  • Wreaking Crew Mario
  • Mario Kun

Attacks Edit

  • Stomp
  • Spin Jump
  • Roll

Power ups Edit

  • Mushroom
  • Fire Flower
  • Ice Mario
  • Starman

Death Animations Edit

Standard Edit

Mario will just fall off the screen

Burning Edit

Mario will grab his butt which is burning and then fall off the screen.

Frozen Edit

Mario will freeze and fall of the screen

Flatten Edit

Mario will simply be flatten.

Icon Edit

Mario is in a pose where he is punching the air.

Life Icon Edit

Mario heads face sideways.

Idle Animation Edit

  • Mario will put thumbs up
  • Cappy will come out of Mario.

Victory pose Edit

Mario will come down a flagpole.

Victory Theme Edit

music from Super Mario Bros when you get the flagpole.

Environment Usage Edit

Mario can unscrew screws.

Voice Clips Edit


Trivia Edit

  • Mario has a unique Health bar where Mario can take 2 hits. First hit can make Mario lose power ups. The second can make Mario smaller. The third will kill him.
  • If Mario eat a Poison Mushroom instead of shrinking Mario will choke.
  • Mario apparently has Cappy with him despite him never using him.

Gallery Edit

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