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A spin-off tournament created by Sonihadow21

Rounds so far: 2


Round 1 (original cut)

  1. Rasputin vs Rothbart
  2. Black Wolf vs El Supremo
  3. Tzekel Khan vs Eris
  4. Napoleon vs Carface
  5. Messina vs Ludmilla

Later one, Sonihadow rebooted the tourney, starting back from the beginning and altering the storyline.

Round 1:

  1. Rasputin vs Nekron
  2. Hotep and Huy vs ZigZag
  3. Vlad Plasmius vs Zelda
  4. Ludmilla vs Valmont
  5. Professor Screweyes vs Dr. Greed

Round 2:

  1. King Haggard vs Prince Froglip
  2. Jenner vs The Mouse King
  3. Claudandus vs General Woundwart
  4. Martin Brisby vs Pinky and The Brain
  5. Vlad Plasmius vs Clavious
  6. Thrax vs Zygon
  7. Tyler vs Tublacain Alhambra
  8. El Supremo vs The Major

Round 3:

  1. Skullmaster vs. Keldor
  2. The Great Fusilli vs. Puppetino
  3. Saruman and Smaug vs. Ommadon and Bryagh
  4. Nightmare Moon vs. Lord Maliss
  5. Count Dracula vs. Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
  6. Zartan vs. Rolo
  7. Valmont (currently possessed by Vaatu) vs. Maximillion Pegasus
  8. Technus vs. Keramon

Round 4:

  1. Asajj Ventress vs. Zygon
  2. Hun vs. Hak Foo
  3. Van Pelt and Steele vs. Scar Snout
  4. Tzekel Khan vs. Imhotep
  5. Ruber vs. Venger
  6. Azula vs. Amon
  7. Baxter Stockman vs. Jack Spicer
  8. Simone Lenoir vs. Anthony Romulus
  9. The Battle of Cobra Mansion (Featuring Cobra Commander, the Baroness, Destro, Doctor Mindbender, Storm Shadow, Cobra Soldiers, Hellsing Soldiers, The Valentine Brothers: (Jan, Luke Valentine, and The Valentine Brothers' Ghoul Army)

Round 5:

  1. Kent Mansley vs. Holli Would
  2. Stormella vs. Darkheart
  3. Rasputin vs. Evil Lyn
  4. General Woundwart vs. Scarface
  5. Samhain vs. Jack O'Lantern
  6. Nicholas, The Spirit of The Book and The Wizard of Wonderland vs. Prince Froglip and Queen Gnorga
  7. Suzaku vs. Lugnut and Blitzwing
  8. Mojo's Forces vs. Warren T. Rat and Cat R. Waul (Featuring Jenner, Drake, Pinky, the Brain, Warren, and Cat R. Waul)
  9. Dracula vs. Luke Valentine
  10. Major Bludd vs. Jeremiah Gottwald
  11. Thrax and Tyler vs. Korso and Preed
  12. Doctor Robotnik vs. The Shredder

Round 6:

  1. Lord Voldemort vs Sauron
  2. Willard Styles vs Count Olaf
  3. Agent Smith vs The Master
  4. Norman Stansfield vs Anton Chigurh
  5. Pennywise vs Beetlejuice
  6. Colonel William Tavington vs Lord Blackwood
  7. Dorian Gray vs The Largo Siblings (Luigi Largo, Pavi Largo and Amber Sweet)
  8. Prince Nuada vs Lord Zedd
  9. T-1000 vs Karl Ruprecht Kroenen

Round 7:

  1. Agent Smith (Bishop) vs Tyler
  2. Chase Young and Scorpion vs. The Dark Chi Warriors (Finn, Ratso, and Chow)
  3. Maliss vs. Nox
  4. The Baroness vs. Suzaku and Lelouch
  5. Quan Chi  vs. Shredder
  6. The Colonel vs. Lust
  7. General Grievous vs. Tri-Klops
  8. Vilgax vs. Krang
  9. Megatron vs. Snively (Guest Starring: Metal Robotnik)
  10. The Grand Duke of Owls vs Septimus
  11. Vlad vs. Professor Moriarty
  12. Darth Maul vs. Zorg
  13. Myotismon vs. Lord Darkar
  14. Samhain vs. Professor Screweyes and The Nightmare King
  15. Mok vs. Ember McLain
  16. The Daleks vs. The Goa'uld

Round 8:

  1. The Snow Queen vs Necron 99
  2. Wrath vs. Karai
  3. Audrey II vs. Doctor Horrible
  4. Mojo Jojo vs. Carface
  5. Kent Mansley vs. Dreadnocks
  6. Sloth vs. Hun and Tohru
  7. Vlad Plasmius vs. Devimon and Myotismon
  8. The Evil Genius vs. Death Eaters
  9. Seth vs. Stormella (Guest Starring: Spectral Space Pirates's Minions and Cryolophosaurus)
  10. Tubbimura vs. Drago
  11. Greed vs. Thrax
  12. Count Ruegen vs. Dracula
  13. Jack Spicer vs. The Boogeyman
  14. King Haggard vs. Nekron
  15. Freddy Krueger vs. Rasputin and Karl Ruprecht Kroenen
  16. COBRA vs. The Black Knight (Feat. Cobra Commander, The Baroness, Destro, Major Bludd, Doctor Mindbender, Cobra Soldiers, Cobra Robots, Bio-Vipers, Zero, Rolo, CC, Jeremish Gottwald)

Round 9:

  1. Tai Lung vs. Grendel
  2. Frieda vs. Mandragora
  3. Malthazar vs. General Mandible
  4. Remington vs. Dark Ace and Ravess
  5. Boingo vs. Lord Shen
  6. Tighten and Vector vs. Galaxhar and Madame Gasket
  7. Lord Barkis Bittern vs. Other Mother
  8. Pitch Black vs. Fairy Godmother

Round 10:

  1. Envy vs. Van Pelt and Javert
  2. The Miser Brothers vs.  Zeebad
  3. Azula vs. Nox
  4. Grand Duke of Owls vs. Professor Screweyes vs. The Kralahome
  5. Fabrication Machine vs. Peacekeeper
  6. Robornik and El Supremo vs. Discord
  7. Queen Bavmorda vs. The Wicked Witch of the West
  8. Scorpius vs. The Cult of Skaro
  9. Prince Charming vs. Grendel
  10. Phantom Virus vs. The Wicked Witch of the East
  11. Tavington vs. Headless Horseman
  12. Profion vs. Durza
  13. Ruber and Eris vs. King One Eye's Forces (Featuring King One-Eye, The One-Eyes, Zigzag, Prince Froglip, Prince Froglip's Trolls and Queen Gnorga)
  14. Skullmaster, Venger, and Messina vs. Skeletor and Evil Lyn

Round 11:

  1. Major Bludd vs. Rip Van Winkle
  2. Baxter Stockman vs. Destro
  3. Human Shredder vs. Lord Shen
  4. Dark Ace, Ravess, and Snipe vs. The Rahkshi
  5. Viktor vs. Captain Hook
  6. Muriel vs. Saruman
  7. The Sorcerer Society vs The Foot Mystics
  8. Blackwolf's Army vs. The Blue Meanies
  9. Chase Young and Drago vs. Gloom and Truckle
  10. General Grevious vs. Predator
  11. Gluttony and Lust vs. Storm Shadow and Karai
  12. Prince Charming (as Mandrake) vs. Darkos
  13. Battle for Animal Farm (Feat. General Wouldward, Rabbits, Drake, Jenner, The Brain, Mojo Jojo, Carface, Cat R Waul, Napoleon, Dolf, Animals, The Bats, The Dog)

Forgotten Matches:

  1. Mayor Tortoise John vs. Stan Beals
  2. Fairy Godmother vs. Frieda

Round 12:

  1. Ruber and Richard vs Mumm Ra
  2. Titan vs The Trix
  3. "Valmont" vs Shendu
  4. Repton vs Meta
  5. The Alliance Vs The Daleks 
  6. Chase Collins vs Crowley
  7. The Master vs Sylar
  8. Alexander Anderson vs Greed
  9. Kent Mansley vs Holli Would (Rematch)
  10. Myotismon vs Discord, HIM and Nergal
  11. Master Cyclonis and Qilby vs Pitch Black
  12. Agent Smith, Tyler and Thrax vs Hun, Storm Shadow, Utrom Shredder and Amon 
  13. Xenomorphs Vs Separatists
  14. Robotnik and Snively vs Sharptooth
  15. Rothbart vs Mandragora
  16. The Colonel and Javer vs Wrath
  17. Jim Moriarty and Crowley vs Lucifer

Round 12.5:

  • Cobra Commander and The Major vs Serpentor

Round 13:

  1. Thrax's Escape
  2. The Grand Duke of Owls and Nightmare Moon vs Devimon
  3. Pitch Black vs Mysterious Stranger (might need SPOILERS to understand)
  4. London Blitzkrieg
  5. The Black Knights vs The Decepticons
  6. Cobra Commander vs Zero
  7. Count Dooku Vs Anubis
  8. Nox's Puppets vs Zarm
  9. Shang Tsung and Quan Chi vs Human Shredder and New Karai (Guest Starring: Onaga and Onaga's Army)
  10. Botch vs The Nightmare King's Minions [also featuring: The Monsters (Powerpuff Girls), Nightmare King's Flying Manta, and Giant Fish Balloon Monster]
  11. Doctor Horrible vs Jean Baptiste Emanuel Zorg
  12. Zero vs Dolf
  13. Prologue
  14. Prince Charming (as Jaime Lannister) vs The Colonel (as Harrison Love)
  15. Valmont and Vlad Masters vs Professor Screweyes and Kralahome (Guest Starring: Rex and The Nightmare King)
  16. Mok vs Robotnik
  17. Nox vs CC (C-Two)
  18. Epilogue


  • Feat. Mok, AM, Eggman Dance and Snively Dance.

Round 14: 

  1. Lord Shen vs Humpty Alexander Dumpty
  2. Red vs Discord, HIM and Nergal
  3. Intermission
  4. Gul Dukat Vs Kull Warriors
  5. Jersey Devil vs Remington Smisse (featuring Stork)
  6. Mok vs Shou Tucker
  7. Interlude
  8. Seth vs Marcus and Ogthar (Guest Starring: Saurophagonax)
  9. Maximillion Pegasus vs Wicked Witch of the West
  10. The Gauntlet of Count Dooku
  11. The Once-Ler spends A NIGHT AT FREDDY'S
  12. Mysterious Stranger vs Sandman
  13. Interlude
  14. Dracula and Moriarty I vs Hook and Mordred
  15. Emperor Charles zi Britannia vs Amon
  16. Interlude
  17. Greed vs Prince Zuko
  18. Spoiler
  19. Intermission
  20. Chase Young, Drago and Combustion Man vs Slithe and Grune
  21. Mrazomor, the Ice Emperor vs Admiral Zhao
  22. Interlude
  23. The CGI Newcomers go to Freddy Fazbear's
  24. Invasion on Egypt
  25. King Haggard, Queen Juliana and Tarrlok vs Skeletor's Forces
  26. Hotep & Huy vs Ruber, Tzekel Kan and Richard
  27. Interlude
  28. Set vs Eris
  29. Nekron and Snow Queen vs Ozai and Azula (Featuring Icy Pterosaur)
  30. Epilogue
  31. Tzekel Kan's Fate

Round 15:

  2. Baroness vs Jan Valentine (REMATCH!)
  3. Rasputin vs Voldemort
  4. Roman Torchwick vs Bloody Mary
  5. Vector vs The Animatronics
  7. Prince Nuada vs Gregor Clegane (The Mountain)
  8. Skeletor vs Mumm Ra
  10. Of Monsters and Men : Memoirs of Days Past
  11. Prologue
  12. The Invasion
  13. Mutants vs Metallikats (Featuring Baxter Stockman Mutant, Leatherhead, Bebop ,Rocksteady and Tokka and Rahzar)
  14. Metal Sonic vs Flogg
  15. Kent Mansley vs Nobuyuki Sugou
  16. Doctor Mindbender vs Mutant Army
  17. Mao vs Nox 
  18. Doctor Eggman vs Zero (Guest Starring: Missile Wrist)
  19. Interlude
  21. Kent Mansley vs Holli Would
  22. Chase Collins vs Draco Malfoy
  23. Tony and Paige vs Malthazar
  25. Tai Lung vs Frieda
  26. Nightmare Moon and Grand Duke of Owls vs Myotismon (Guest Starring: IceDevimon and Professor Screweyes)
  27. Crowley and Muriel vs Stansfield and Irene Adler
  28. Epilogue
  29. AM wants a word with you...

Round 16:

  1. Prologue
  2. Triumvirate of Terror vs Vampyro (Guest Starring: Lewis)
  3. Intermission
  4. The Battle of Coruscant
  5. Palpatine Vs Scorpius and Khan
  6. Interlude
  • Zurg Invades the NDVT (Featuring: Disney Villains that appeared: (Emperor Zurg, Brain Pods, Hornets:(Hornets (Regular)), Pete, The Weasels, Scroop, Space Crew of John Silver, Gantu), Mok, The Demon Gigantic, Omar (cameo), Omar's Friends (cameo), Zip, Thrax, Dr. Robotnik, Snively, The Millennium: (The Major, The Doctor, Schrödinger, Walter C. Dornez, The Letzte Batallion), Cobra Commander, Zero, Knightmare Frames, Enrico Maxwell)
  • Round 17: 
  1. Lawrence Limburger vs Sizz Lorr
  2. Mok vs Bio Broly
  3. Vexus vs High Priestress
  4. Intermission
  5. Tabuu & Crazy Hand & Galeem vs Marx & Magolar & DJ Octavio
  6. Megabyte vs Ganondorf
  7. Alliance of Frieza(Dodoria,Zarbon,Ginyu Force,Frost,King Cold,Chilled,Turles,Crusher Corp,Cell,Broly,Buu,Almighty Tallest,and Frieza) Vs Alliance of Ozai and Azula(Commander Zhau,Tao,Zoku,Hirudergarn,Sonic Exe,Froglip.Gnorga,Ozai,and Azula)
  8. Team Sith(Kylo Ren,Phasma,Snoke,Vader,Maul,Dooku,and Palpatine) vs Predalien
  9. Joker vs Green Goblin
  10. Snivley vs Peridot vs Cui
  11. Epilogue