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The Pink SpongeBob Plush is the third episode of the Battle of the Multiverse series.


The episode starts with Chuck ready to shoot a video. Then he calls for Baby Mario but to no avail. It then cuts to Baby Mario who is on the computer. Chuck then pulls him away from the computer and gets on it. While Chuck is typing, he finds SpongeBob who is pink. Chuck then buys him. Chuck then waits overnight to buy SpongeBob. Next morning, he let's his dog out. The dog refuses to go outside so Chuck then bribes him with a candy cane. Chucks then takes a dog trick out of the Candy Cane and lures the dog outside. Chuck then close the door on the dog and finds a packet box. He then finds SpongeBob in the box. Baby Mario then checks the computer and walks away from it. Chuck then takes SpongeBob into his room. Chuck then notices something and stares into SpongeBob's eyes. Baby Mario then comes into the room and notice SpongeBob. Chuck then tells Baby Mario that he's gonna sell SpongeBob. Baby Mario ask if Chuck can get on the computer. Chuck applies. Chuck then goes back to SpongeBob but his pink skin reminds Chuck of pink strawberry milk. Chuck then goes to the freezer but don't find Strawberry milk but finds regular milk instead. While this was happening, Yellow Toad is cleaning the dishes. Chuck then asks him for help. Chuck then asks him to buy Strawberry milk. When Yellow Toad questions it, Chuck grabs him and slams him onto the ground. Yellow Toad then agrees to buy Chuck Strawberry milk. Then it cuts to a time card and Yellow Toad buying the milk. He then notices Chuck's insanity is slipping and thinking all about Milk. When Yellow Toad tells him about his purchased item, Chuck charges at Yellow and gets the milk. Then Chuck realized it's Strawberry Syrup. Yellow Toad then tells him to pour it into the milk to turn it straw berry flavored. Then Chuck prepares the milk. When he pours the syrup into the milk, then he realized he needs to stir it up. So he used a knife to stir it up. He then drinks the now Strawberry milk while SpongeBob stares at him and says sacrifice. Chuck then notices and just continues to drink his milk. SpongeBob then keeps saying sacrifice and then jumpscares the viewer. Baby Mario then walks by SpongeBob and just like Chuck, is reminded of Strawberry Milk. SpongeBob then again jumpscares the viewer.


  • This is the first appearance of Chuck and Baby Mario.
  • This is the first episode to take place in the SML universe
  • This is the first time a character is bought off of a store or shopping site.