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Super Mario: Dimension Journey 3 (スーパーマリオブラザーズ: ディメンション旅 3D, Super Mario Bros: Dimension Journey 3D) is a sequel to Super Mario: Dimension Journey 2. Unlike it's predecessors, it is both a 2D and 3D Platformer similar to Mega Man X7. It has 3D gameplay like Super Mario 3D Land/World.


The game takes place a few months after Kirby's Dimension Journey with Mario, Luigi, Wario and Waluigi having a shopping trip (spending their coins achieved from the last game) where they buy an object named "The Grey Onyx" which is said to contain something bad which is never stated because the bros agree to take care of it before the shop keeper finished speaking. At Princess Peach's castle, Mario and Co arrive with the Grey Onyx. Suddenly, a black goo emerges from the gem which suddenly forms a black cloud resembling the Hyper Zone, but bigger. It takes up the entire sky and it's obvious that 0 and the Dark Matter force has returned. Mario and Co jump into the Grey Onyx where they find themselves in the dimension collaboration world (The DCW) where many of the people they met are brought together. The bros must find at least 95 stars in order to destroy the dark matter force.


  • B = Jump
  • Y = Run
  • R Trigger = Spin
  • L Trigger = Use Ability
  • Y = Duck
  • B + Y = Ground Pound
  • RZ/LZ = Change Character

Mario, Luigi and Waluigi can long jump by running, crouching and then quickly jumping. They can also back flip by crouching and jumping whilst standing still. Wario can triple jump and will do an attack on his third jump.


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Image Name Speed Jump Weight Grip Power
Mario Moderate Moderate Moderate Moderate Moderate
Luigi Moderate High Moderate Low Moderate
Wario Low Low High High High
Waluigi High High Low Low Low


Image Name Abilities
Yoshi The player can swallow enemies to use certain abilities and flutter jump.
Spongebob He is found in a boat car which the player can aboard to drive throughout the level for quicker progression.


Image Name Description
Miyuki Takara Talks about unfamiliar game gimmicks in the game

NOTE: She appears after saving her in W1-1.

Toad Talks about controls.
Rick the Hamster Talks about character mounts.
Misty Talks about enemies.


# Name Source Levels Boss
1 Windy Hill Zone Sonic Lost World 9 Dr. Eggman
2 Water World PAC-MAN Arrangement 11 Whispy Woods
3 Iceberg Kirby's Dream Land 3 8 Ice Big Bully
4 Sugar Rush Wreak it Ralph 7 Computer Virus/Battle Windows
5 Deku Forest Zelda: Majora's Mask 8 Wizpig
6 Star City DC Universe 10 Masher
7 Planktopolis The SpongeBob Squarepants Movie: Video Game 9 Grounder and Plankton
8 Chuckya Harbour Super Mario Star Road 5 Dark Matter, Dark Monster
9 Dark Star 2.0 (Original based off Kirby 64) 1 04
10 Champion Field (Original) 8 n/a


NOTE: This is under construction and will be expanded upon later.

Image Name Description
Super Mushroom Grows small Mario/Luigi/Wario/Waluigi into their super forms.
Fire Flower Allows the player to shoot out fireballs.
Rock Mushroom Players can roll into a ball and destroy any enemies in their path.
Starman Turns the player invincible for a limited amount of time.
Speed Sneakers Increases the players speed for a limited time.
Raccoon Leaf If the P-meter is filled to it's max the player can fly by repeatedly tapping the jump button/key. Pressing the L trigger or R trigger/W or S will make the player's tail spin, hitting nearby enemies.
Cloud Flower Spinning will create a cloud platform that will disappear after a brief amount of time.
Ice Flower The player can shoot out balls of ice and freeze small enemies and turn them into ice blocks.
Angle Mushroom The player can turn into an angle and fly.
  • Cape Feather


The goal in the game is to collect 95 stars to defeat the main villain of the game. Stars can be achieved by finding them in levels. Each world has a Grand Star, which is used for unlocking the next world. There are a total of 76 levels in the game. However, some stages have more than 1 star in them. There are a total of 10 Grand Stars, 120 normal stars and 67 green stars that are scattered throughout the game once 100 stars have been collected. Collecting all of these green stars will unlock Champion Field, an expert world with very hard levels.


The game's soundtrack includes music from other games

  • Mini Boss (​Pinball Boss, ​Kirby Mass Attack).
  • Final Boss (02, ​Super Smash Bros. Brawl).


File:SM-DJ4 BETA logo.JPG

BETA logo for the 4th game.

Plans for Super Mario: Dimension Journey 4 ​has been considered. The game will be available for the Nintendo Switch, as well as the New Nintendo  3DS and Wii U. The game will also feature a Toad calling system in which the character can call Toad for a power up. Other new features that have been planned include the Laser Mushroom, a reference to the SMW hoax the "Laser Suit", the Metal Mushroom, Invisability Mushroom and a Mario alternative to the choas emeralds.