The Loud Siblings of the Creek is a Crossover special.


The loud Family go to maryland to visit the Williams family. craig will have the loud siblings go to the creek while lily will stay with rita & Lynn Loud Sr. with Duane, Nicole, Bernard, & Jessica. Craig help with few sister to go with each group of creek kids. Lisa with Alliance of Science, Lucy with Priest Kid, Lola with Tea Timers, Lana with Muddy Buddies, Lyn Loud Jr. with 10 Speeds, Luan with Roger (Craig of the Creek), & even Luna, Leni & Lori with The Elders of the Creek. as for lincoln, he'll go with Craig, Kelsey, Mortimor & J.P. on a Adventures.


  • Matt Burnett & Ben Levin reanimated The Loud Family.
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